Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Blog my life in 2013

Well, so soon that I have to say goodbye to my 20th and welcoming my post-puberty the 21st year... Many things happened within this year, the happy one, the unhappy one or somehow the impressive one. Those changes or experience make one grows. (although I didn't gain any in height)
This year 2013 has really changed my life. It's a pretty insane one. I am going to share some of my most memorable moments.

I have made my own decision. 
I guess I am old enough to make decision now. Before that, I used to follow people's words and opinions without really considering if I really want or loving it. I did my Form 6 and took science stream like my parents wished to. But,  I am now pursuing the things I love and choosing the path I want. I am in art stream now, doing graphic design. I got offered from local University, yet I gave up on that and taking course in UTAR. I don't wanna study something that I don't like and blindly follow what the government picked for me. What's the point forcing myself hard studying for the certificate and end up doing a job which is not related to it? I should have wasted my time I guess. I will never regret if I made the wrong decision and blame on anyone, because I made that decision all by myself and I learn from the mistake.

I have started up my journey in blogosphere.
I have learn a lot from blogging. It's not at all about attending parties, premieres, events, doing blog review, taking pictures, making friends and socializing, but experiencing different things which open up my mindset and view. I got to know more beauty line stuffs, fragrances, skincare and make up products. It's like learning and exploring new things which I have never think of in the previous time. Blog is all about passion and profession. It ain't an easy life as you guys see apparently as most of us need to manage our time wisely for work, study and also blog. I am lucky to make so many friends via blog, like Angeline, Carolyn, Audrey, Chocky, Inna, Sabby and more. We are not just meeting each other during events but some other times, gossiping and hang around.

I have started up my career as a freelance make up artist.
I dared myself to picked up make up jobs alone and attending some fashion show's backstage. It ain't easy to make up for people as we will meet different kind of client. You may see how pretty one looks like after make up, yet what are the skills and efforts needed within. It's not easy to face the client alone, meeting their need. It's not easy to follow up the trend in make up and exploring the new knowledge/skills in make up. So, with the skills I have, I won myself a GUESS Bag and exploring halloween make up.

I have attended Leehom's concert!
Crazy huh? It's my first concert ever by the way. First row in VIP seats :p I was just few steps away from the stage, looking Leehom closely for 3 hours! All thanks to my close friend, Jeffrey :3

I have wore my first bikini.
Although I have a suck body figure, yet I still dare myself to wear bikini because all the friends around me did teehee =D Friends are the best influencers with no doubt. Besides, it's hard to resist because PinknProper has so many pretty bikinis! I have 3 sets in my wardrobe now. Because of not to waste the bikinis, I learned to swim as well LOL So I can show off them in the pool mah.

I have started up my life in University.
I got to make new friends from different states. It's a good start I guess. Learn from the last experience. I need to be a friend in deed. I am trying not to make anyone hates me, but I guess it's hard to tolerate with all. We already made quite a lot of memories within this short semester, dying joined the audition for UTAR PJ Voice, struggling from assignments in eleventh hour and having fun in the potluck with the seniors and shopping with friends!

I have started up a journey in singing.
It's pretty challenging and exciting. If you guys have read up my earlier post in March, I have joined Astro Star Quest 2013 and managed to stuck into Top 50. Then, again amazingly, I managed to stuck myself into UTAR PJ Voice Top 10. It's a good start with no doubt, gaining experiences on stage and conquer the fear towards crowd. I learned a lot from these competitions, knowing that I have a great vocal. More to go!

I have tried to be different.
Hmm..guess there's more than 5 times changing my hair colors and hair style. Started from long light brown, mermaid dye, striking red and now it's copper brown medium length hair styles. Trying to be an attention seeker huh? Besides, I tried on different daily make up, korean or even japan. I love to style myself in different way, discovering the different character of mine.

I have lost some of my friends.
Hmm, the group 4-in-1(a gang of four) has dismissed earlier. The gang which I have spent years studying and passing the exams, creating much fun and happy memories with. ( You can read the earlier blog post) It's because of some misunderstood and faults of mine, we have ended this friendship. Well, I have cried for days with no one would really care about, apologized and put on some efforts to save this relationship back, yet I am still not forgiven. Maybe I really pissed them off. I guess not everyone can bear with me. I have bad temper, I am self-centered and countless flaws ( I am not GOD, I make mistakes) I have to say thousands of thank you to my really best bestie who I named him 'SHORTS'. Luckily I have him with me for the falls and peaks in my past 7 years. When ever I have troubles in studies, relationship or friendship, he helped me to get through these shits. Then, FATTY, a close friend of mine who brought me to Singapore trip. It's my first time being on a plane and been overseas. My friends in ACA and University, I have a crazy Christmas Potluck experiences. I still wanna have you guys with me in the future and forever. In short, true friend will stay with you no matter how much you change, who you are, they will still lending you a helping hand when ever you lost.

I have the best Lunar 21st Birthday
Well, it's all about receiving gifts haha! I really appreciate and happy while unwrapping all the gifts. Some of them are quite pricey, I felt so sorry yet I felt sweet as well. You guys definitely made my day!

I got the best camera, Casio TR150
Haha! If you know me well, you will know that i'm definitely a self-lover and ultimate selca! I took all the blog header picture all by myself and most of the reviews' pictures and group pictures as well, using tr150! I have never get regret owning this camera though it costs a lot.

I have a great life in 2013 indeed! How about you guys? Do share some of your most impressive memories with me in the comment box below =)
Looking forward more awesome memories in the following year!
All these pictures jogged my memories so well! Pictures are the best things that captures the best moment and memories. You guys can read more in my previous posts, view the related labels on your right ;)

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  1. Happy New Year babe !!! :D

  2. Happy New Year Amelie! =) great blogpost before the new year begins!

  3. lost a friend (like you did too) but I am stronger because of that now and I hope you will be too.
    have a happy 2014 :)

    1. I will! I am definitely enjoying my life now :D Happy new year and have a blasting 2014


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