Sunday, January 26, 2014

Creating different Look with Mary Kay at PLAY!

I bet all of you know the brand, Mary Kay well. It has sponsored quite a number of famous bloggers to  review on their skin care products and of course giveaways. Now, to be really really lucky, I got a fantastic opportunity to work with Mary Kay on their newly launched cosmetic products, Mary Kay at Play!

Mary Kay at Play with flirtatious fun colors,  letting us to create our own color playlist! Making us to remix-and-match with ease! Lets see what's in the play!

------------------- Baked Eye Trio ------------------

For the package, it's with simple yet elegant design which comes with handy size. It's easy to carry around and fit in our bag for touch up purposes.
Each Baked Eye Trio palette consists of 3 matching shades which are perfectly harmony yet bringing some of the fun tone! So no worries for those who find it hard to match colors. Besides, you can use it separately one, two or three colors to create endless looks.

On The Horizon
MK On the horizon palette consists of reddish-brown, light peach and plum shades. It's all about dazzling plums. Create an excellent yet unconventional smoky effects, capable of captivating the room!

MK Tuxedo palette consists of silver, grey and black shades. It can easily used to create smoky eyes, with punk, rock and roll tone!

The silver shade is good enough to highlight our brow bone or even inner corner of our eyes to create 3D effects and sharpen our overall look.

------------------- Just For Eyes ------------------
It features 3 hottest shades (Teal, Gold, Black-gold) of the season with extreme glitters. Ideally create gorgeous and glam look for any occasions! For no doubt to be the stunning one among all!

 ------------------- Just For Lips ------------------
It features dark pink, clear shimmer and red shades which perfectly create holiday glamor look!

------------------- Jelly Lip Gloss ------------------
MK Jelly Lip Gloss offers 3 fabulous shades of Berry, Teddy Bare and Hot Tamale. 

------------------- Different Looks Created ------------------
 #1 Rock and Roll. 
Eye shadows created using Tuxedo. Lips created using red from Just For Lips.

 #2 Young and Fun. 
Eye shadows created using On the Horizon. Lips created using berry me from Jelly Lip Gloss.

#3 Sexy and Sophisticated.
Eye shadows created using Just For Eyes. Lips created using hot tamale from Jelly Lip Gloss.

#4 Wild and Free.
Eye shadows in teal, grey, light peach and plum.

 ------------------- Overall Rating ------------------
Baked Eye Trio (.07 oz)
The particles are very fine and smooth which make it easy to attach on our skin. The shades are blendable effortlessly and easily create extreme vibrant effects. For the application parts,it's easier to apply with bare fingers instead of brushes. The color can't stand out and need to apply times if using brushes.Yet, I love how the shades bringing shimmery effects that lasts and it won't smudge or fade off easily. It's great to own either one palette as it make our life easier when doing mix and match in colors. It's much fun to create different look with either one, two or three shades.
 *Suggested retail price at RM40/18SGD

Just For Eyes (.05 oz each)
This is my favorite palette of all. The shades of gold and black gold are usable in any occasions as it comes in earthy colors. The glitter effects are brilliant and the colors pay off, making our eyes look impressive!

Just For Lips (.05 oz each)
The texture is light compare to jelly lip gloss. It's quite alike with lip balm which comes in colors. Yet the colors are way more radiant and solid compare to lip balm. It can be used as a base before applying lip gloss to create more vibrancy lips and to make the colors last longer.

Jelly Lip Gloss (.32 fl.oz)
The texture is quite sticky and concentrated. It provides instant moisture effects with ultra glossy finish. The colors are really gorgeous especially Hot Tamale and Berry Me. Teddy Bare which closely to nude color, perfectly balance up our heavy eye make up. You will definitely need this to create juicy lips!
*Suggested retail price at RM30/SGD14

For more information, feel free to visit www.marykay, | Mary Kay Malaysia
Thanks Mary Kay =D


  1. wow i love the color...all so pretty.....i wan this baked shadow!!!

    1. Definitely! It's easy to mix and match as well =D Suit you babe, as you love to play with colours =)

  2. Wow.. i luv how u mix n match those colors..gonna get dis soon..hihi

  3. Love the color combo babe! Colors are extremely pigmented too <3

    Absolute adore the shimmery effect it has on the eye as well ;)

  4. you're really good with eye makeup and creative too! love it babe!

  5. I love the young and fun look, your hair is very nice! The braid is really very very prettyyyyy! :D

  6. Soooo pretty!! Love all the pictures and details! <3

  7. Comel lah awak ni. Sexaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

  8. Nice!! especially love the young and fun look!


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