Friday, January 10, 2014

Yadah Spring Festival Party

Chinese new year is around the corner in less than 3 weeks time, yet all the butterflies have celebrated earlier with Yadah! With the theme of red, all the beauty junkies gathered around at Little Wonton, TTDI, sharing all the amazing moments!

I am totally in love with their vintage decoration which shows the feeling of nostalgic and it's definitely heart-warming! Like home =D

Besides, the place is quite comfort and good enough to fit around 50 of us!

It's actually my first time coming over this brand and here I am going to share my experience with you guys! Yay, as you seen I am taller than Yadah haha =p

------------------------------ Brand Introduction ------------------------------
Yadah is a skin care brand from Korea which based on natural plant extracts. They highlighted on 100% free from artificial coloring, preservatives, mineral oil, sulphates and animal extracts, perfectly gentle and works harmony with our skin.
The key ingredient in all Yadah's products will be Opuntia Ficus Indica, an organically grown Cactus in Korea which is known for strong anti-inflammatory and high potent antioxidant properties. Moreover, all the products are certified and formulated to be non-greasy, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, to suit all skin types.

 ------------------------------ Yadah's Bestsellers ------------------------------
Here's Yadah highlight products and best sellers:
Collagen and brightening ampoules - 30ml @RM65
Lip Tint Balm - 4.5g @RM25
Sweet Milky Tint - 3ml @RM25 (Can be used as lip or cheek stains)
Bloom and High Lash Mascara - @RM35

----------------------- Bubble Deep Cleanser Test ------------------------
After the short presentation and introduction to Yadah's products, few activities were carried out to test the products effectiveness. Firstly, we were asked to draw few lines on our hand using both liquid and pencil liner. Then, one pump of Yadah Deep Bubble Cleanser was given.We gently rub it all over the eyeliner area within a minute and wipe it off. Instantly we can see the effect! So clean and we leaves with moisture smooth skin!

OMG, Yadah Deep Bubble Cleanser works so well in removing make up and even waterproof eyeliner! Moreover, it comes with 99.9% pure and natural ingredients, create no harm to our skin! So, no more worries for hurting or irritating your skin when removing makeup. It's FREE from chemical substances!

 ------------------------------ Sun Block Test------------------------------
Besides, we were given few types of sun block to try out. After counting the votes, B are the best among all with sufficient amount of moisture level yet leave our skin with non greasy or stickiness.

What's B? It's Oh My Sun Block with SPF35 PA++ ! It will be soon launching in the end of January!
It's colorless and highly moisturising with light texture in a matte finish. In addition, it's also formulated for sebum control! I will definitely own this after the launch as the sun block which I am using right now instantly create 'shininess' on my face within an hour, makes my face freaking oily.

------------------------------ Lip Tint Balm Test------------------------------
BEsides, there's a lip tint balm test! After applying lip tint balm, two bloggers were asked to finish a bowl of noodles respectively within seconds.

After all, the colors were still there on their lips! It's awesome right?

Yadah Lip Tint Balm comes with different color which is sugar pink, yellow, cherry and peach! So great that I can apply them on my lips everyday when attending classes, bringing moisture to my lips meanwhile making me look much more energetic with pinky lip colors! By the way, the packaging is so adorable! Feel so happy to carry them around in bag!

------------------------------ Behind the scene------------------------------
Well, nothing much but all selfies haha!!! This is why I love meeting all my babes! It's been awhile for all of us to gather around =/ A complete family.

Alice is back but we missed out Carolyn and Audrey.

Long lost friend, Shasha on right , our last met since last October on PinknProper pool party with Hedkandi?

Even having meal, we snapped pictures haha! I have tried the Spicy thai flavor, it's freaking nice. It's quite sour though, but I think it's just nice.

The big Butterfly family =D So happy to discover Yadah's products with all the butterflies in 'ang ang' mood!

------------------------ My New Year Resolution------------------------
LoL I am kinda shy to show you guys my new year resolution. I felt my resolutions are quite stupid haha!

 Anyway, here you go. Perhaps they work well in 2014 haha!

For more information and updates, feel free to visit Yadah Malaysia | Official Website.
p/s: Thanks Nala and Angeline for the pictures.



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