Monday, January 6, 2014

SaSa VIP Ladies Day

Earlier of last December, I was invited to attend 'SaSa VIP Ladies Day' annual event which took place in Selangor Turf Club.We were all warm welcomed by SaSa's crew which made me feel kinda awkward. But then I felt kinda like Hollywood celebrities being lead on the red carpet LOL

It's my very first time been to Selangor Turf Club, it's so damn huge! It's a place for horses to race in case you don't know. *Because I don't know until I google-d about it*

There's so many people and luckily, Angeline was there to accompany me, not much blogger who share the same age of mine there. 

It's quite a great experience to see all the ladies dressed with gorgeous Posh and Hat! All the winners for best dressed.

In this fantastic afternoon, all ladies gathered around, chit chat and aligned with amazing activities, including makeover booths, manicure stations, makeup demo area, designer hat cum photo spot and yes, horse racing too! 

 First time being applied lip stick by other make up artist LOL =p Feel kinda weird.

Ms.Chui Ling was there to host this event by the way.

Besides, there's a headgear show presenting all the creative handmade sculptural headgear and accessories designed by Mr. Bremen Wong. I was like OMFG when I first saw all the awesome headgear, they are just so exaggerate and WOW bigger than our head. An art piece which can instantly drew our attention.

When we are bored and waiting time to pass, we did something stupid =/ Playing with the lipsticks... It's actually a pen which faked itself in a lipstick! So adorable right?

(PC to Averageangeline)

Moreover, I met quite a lot of new friends there when hanging around =D The benefit of attending events, I gained new friends!

Ended up this post with a picture of me acting like a 'Cinderella'.  It's quite a wonderful experience attending themed events, watching everyone putting on efforts to dress up and get inspired!

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  1. I just have to say that looks like so much fun. What a great experience!! I would love to do this. Cute blog!


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