Saturday, January 18, 2014

Party Nails with Bloop #2

In the previous post, I have reviewed on Bloop Nail Strips and this time I am going to review on Toe Strips! I felt quite sad to expose my toes actually, I am petite and so do my toes. They are freaking round and tiny, look like grapes wtf.


Back to Bloop toes strips. *the backdrop behind*

For toe strips, it consists of  22 strips and 1 nail file.

The direction of use is no difference with nail strips, but it's slightly tougher while cutting out the actual size of the strips to fit our toes and filing. 
1st step: Apply a top coat before applying toe strips and measure the size of your toes with the sticker.
2nd step: Cut the measured size of sticker to fit your toes.
3rd step: Pull off the stickers and stick it evenly on your toes.
4th step: File off the extra edges in vertical direction and downward motion.

 Taadaaaa~ The final result.

The close up shot for my cute toes. Kinda ugly though, it's tough to cut the sticker in shape and it took quite a lot of time around 30 minutes compare to applying nail strips =/ Yet, we need not to wait them to dry off, much convenient than doing pedicure out there.

I am quite in love with the design! You can choose your own favorite design by the way.
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  1. Lovely nails :D

  2. I love the chevron design! I don't think I'd have the patience to do this on my toes, though haha.

    Jess xo


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