Monday, December 19, 2011

First try on Photo Shooting ♥ (part 2)

Re ( First Post) : First try on Photo Shooting ♥

There's quite a long getaway

actually there's not much happy thing happened
after the Prom
(where my wifey confessed to me)
and there's no things that i wanna share with you 

there're bundle of unhappy things kept happening
its really messed up my life
and its really made me upset #FML
my mood was so extremely terrible !!!
related short posting Here
i wont talk about that much here
because its really made my day!

let's get back to our title here :)
its just a random photo post
photo shoot by Chency
with the theme of " A Girl in the Luggage"


This idea was actually inspired by the photos from Girls. And Money
photography by Johnny McGeorge

Modelled by

( TROLOL i felt mine was totally different with her..OMFG!! see my face expression, so sucking terrible..and i was so CHUBBY!!! wtf)

*Cheesie look so gorgeous in this artsy and dreamy*



A big thankiew to Chency for the photo shooting..
her skill was so amazing!

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