Monday, December 26, 2011

I'm Not Alone in the Christmas!

Over the 17 years ,
i've been celebrate the Christmas at home
with Uncle Chow on the bed

i thought this year will be the same..

I have celebrated this Christmas with my friends!
in my 18th year !
It was extremely the best memories for me in Christmas!
First time of countdown for Christmas with friends!
A great experience!

I am really glad that my friend, Chency for fetching me
right after i attend a buffet dinner at my cousin's place
so that i can celebrate this Christmas with u guys! :)
*sob sob* :')
actually i was supposed to drive to meet them at Sunway Giza
but since i was kinda "blind" during the night
it's not a good idea for me to drive alone at night :(

actually i am quite scared on writing this post
*some gossip one MAYBE will read this and keep asking me those crap questions when they meet me*
*or judge on me..what kind of friends i am with ..since i dont have a "dad"..*
i know you guys are kinda caring ..i really appreciate it...
and thanks for it
please DON'T GOSSIP about it
I am not hanging there everyday..just once my 18th years
i know how to handle my life..
and i dont really love to hang out at those bar or pub
smokers around and i feel i may die young if i always hang around there
so please consider of people's situation before action

okay ..Lets get bac to our topic :)
and this will be freaking long photos post..
be patient to read it..
all Lenglui here..hahax

we celebrated our lovely Christmas at Rushhours and Sunway Giza
My friend , chia and I
 Liana and Chia
 Me and Chia again..
 Both pretty gals , Liana and Chency
 Full cup of carlsberg,

I just drank A CUP...Just ONE
 Here came a new member..haha
Liana,Chency and Yukie
 Awwww..she kissed me!
*my boyfie may jealous d..haha!*
 Liana face dem red hor..i think she was drunk
"u drunk d la"
"wheregot..i didnt drunk LAH"
*people who drunk will never said that they are drunk..LOL*

Act ugly LAH ..LOL
 out teeth so white!any toothpaste advertise need white teeth??
contact me!LOL
smelly hair =p
 3 of us
auntie, u see yukie drink beer leh =P
 with Christmas hair band on!
 prettie Chency
 keep camwhoring!
camwhoring everywhere!
 All of us #1
 All of us #2 with big and warm smile
all of us single here..LOL
anyone of u interested in?
PM me..Hehe
 Hang about 40 minutes at there..
actually we just camwhore there..haha
we went to sunway join the crowd for Countdown event!
Trololol...camwhoring again in the car!
GRoss la weih!haha

Merry Guinness event in Giza! 
 6,5,4,3,2,1 !!!!
Merry Christmas!
 there's so pretty ..
there having a "snow-making machine"
Giza flooded with HUman!
OMG...SEE the crowd??
Even the kids joined countdown here!LOL
what a good parents..(Y)

 boom boom dance sexy la weih
 ended my post with my last photo here..thnx for reading!
hope u guys having a great time in christmas too=D


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