Sunday, December 4, 2011

Photo cheating skills ~*

This post is actually different from usual post
I just wanna share some technic on how to edit photo
but not to cheat..LOL
(i think i rather prefer EDIT instead of Plastic Surgery, thats much more painful!)

I am not using Adobe Photoshop
as I am not that professional
and if not mistaken
Adobe software need $$
I dont have that effort to buy it

Anyway ,
i am using 美圖秀秀
i think you guys are quite familiar with this
of cox the quality of photo and the function is not that perfect than Adobe
but i am quite satisfied with this

I think you guys might be shocked after looking this photos
"OMG, this girl is a liar?"
"WTF, so much different!"
"I bet this girl is ugly in real!"
"She is so FAKE"

Shut your mouth and get off !
I love to edit photos and so how?!

its my business and not yours!

stop judging on anyone! NONE of us are perfect!
 you need not to read this post if you are "perfectly " borned
with big eyes ,sharp nose , small mouth, sharp face =.=
Go ahead with your perfect and own-satisfying appearance!

well, i dont have all these, 
thats why i m using 美圖秀秀
to make myself look "great" but not "perfect"
and so i am happy with that
the 1st pic is the original photo
How to edit 2nd photo: 
--> 瘦身瘦臉(將嘴和鼻子縮小,修下巴,修臉型)
--> 60% 上睫毛
--> 35% HDR
--> 100% 紅粉佳人
--> 35% 阿寶色
--> 調高色彩飽和度
--> 輕度磨皮和祛痘
--> 36% 銳化

How to edit 3rd photo:
--> same as above but without adding 阿寶色 

This is using the above technic(2nd photo)
This using above steps (2nd photo)
but there's abit different
on how to edit your double chin
--> 消除黑眼圈
(pick a color which is on your face  and cover it on your double chin)

Click here to download :美圖秀秀


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