Sunday, December 11, 2011

YES ! I Do ♥

Dont get shocked
this is not a marriage proposal

This is just simply meant that 
I am single and available more
( i think some one might be happy after reading this,
he is so wanted me to blog about him=p)

 my wife just confessed to me last few days
time to reveal how he confessed to me=p

during the Prom

                                                                     can you see the roses which are on the table?

he just simply took one and blurted out with a question
"Will you be my laogong?"
i immediately burst out laugh
and i wondering what to said
that was so sudden and
the confession was damn funny la weih!
i think there's no one confess in this way...LOL

i just kept laughing and asked him to wait for my reply
he just kept asking for my reply
and he showed me his innocent face
he is so cute right?
cant stand to pinch his face!=p

actually we are already in a relationship for about 6 months
(this is the longest relationship ever)
but he didnt ask me to be his girlfriend or what
( he said try 1st, damn it! kinda sad)
but soon we were behaving like a real couple
just after our first met on my 18th birthday

We started chatting every day...

and finally we fell in love deeply with each other..
i think so..xP

i love to call him laopo and he used to call me laogong 
(sometimes he called me FEIFEI ) =.=
we are so weird right?
i think thats the only reason we can be together

these are some of ours conversation...
i didthem
thats so sweeet and touching
"A lot ppl say tat wish at 11.11.11.....
ur wish will come wish is be ur wife forever and take care you ♥"
*omg!so cute!*
"be with you is the thing i want ♥"
So many times I thought I would never find someone to love me the way I needed to be loved. Then you came into my life and showed me what true love really is!*
i think he loves to hug me so much
hug me anytime and anywhere=p
*cox i am chubby*
"Laogong,wo zhen de hen ai ni,zhen de.....♥"
 *most touching one* sob sob
"I also promise I won't find 2nd husband,I haf u that's more than enuff in my life d =D....♥
no one can replace u in my life ;D....♥
*his promise*

"make me love u so mch,make me cant leave u,make me wanna b with u forever,
make me feel no one can replace u,make me........all the bad habit la =P"
*his bad habit ..xD*
"LAOGONG老公LAOGONG老公LAOGONG老公LAOGONG老公LAOGONG老公,iloveyou我爱你iloveyou我爱你iloveyou我爱你iloveyou我爱你iloveyou我爱你iloveyou我爱你 ♥"
*he is damn cute la*

*our first dance*
lol..hug 99!
*he said he is crazy in love with me =p*

there was quite little memory of us:(
cox we seldom meet each other
but never mind i think we can create more memories in the future:)

recalled our fight =(
it was horrible and awry...
he really mad with me..
and just ignore me..i was dem sad 
somore cried ='(
later that we surrender and apologize to each other
and this was what he wrote
thats made me feel so touching and secure
*being loved by someone you loved*

*he promised whenever we fight, he will let me win =p *
But perhaps when we fight like this
both of us wont mention to break up or what
becox fight always end up a relationship

i am quite shy
and i dont know how to express myself by speaking
instead of using words are better =p

i think you know all about me..
but i am still not that understand you
i promised i will try me best to understand you more;)
i am quite sorry on the way i treated you
sometimes full of passion
sometimes "abit" cool
You know i am such a weirdo and capricious person
(completely gemini characteristic)
please continue with that
stand my weird temper!
(cox i think i cant change that,but i will still try to change)"

"although i am kinda nerd and a bit violence (always bite him)
but you still treated me like a king
always by my side
make me happy
hold my hand tightly so i wont go away from you
(hold my hand more tight when crossing the road har!)
hug me in your arm when i was cold
bought me water when i was thirsty
loves to morning call me
text me everyday before you sleep and after you wake up
i really feel touching on all what you had do to me
you are the best boyfie i ever have"

i love you and i hope we can be together forever =)

For your proposal ,
my answer is
"YES !!! I DO!"

*If I know what love is, it is because of you.*
 P.s:ouch! i felt all my words are kinda disgusting!@@

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