Friday, December 30, 2011

Marry Me LEH !!!

Since few months ago,
i googled about Xiaxue's wedding
i heard my friend said that its an awesome wedding was!!!
Wendy and Mike
(picha stole from Xiaxue's blog)

it was in Mafia theme, they're so CUTE right??
and it made me dream about having the same wedding like them ...
and do you know?

They having a AMAZING  love story for about 6 years
 how they met, fell in love, and overcame obstacles to come where they are: An ending of just being in a relationship; the beginning of a new chapter where they become husband and wife. 
that made them finally came to each other and forever

and few weeks ago
i "accidentally" watched a video about Audrey and Tim proposal
on facebook..
its sucha touching and sweet proposal!!

i think you may think that i may be a bit GROSS!!
but it still happened to me

my awesome imagination
bring me to this shit

here my story started:
"My lovely boyfriend
he ain't perfect
but he know what i want and he gives everything i need
he comes
with beautiful BIG bouquet of 999 red roses
*about this big..LOL*

and  rings
of coz its important
*symbolize of our love*

come out with a few romance words"

i dont think all my demands here were OVER lorrr

but its a MUST in a proposal
once in a lifetime
(of coz if u want , u may have 2,3,4...)
after all..
Continuously watching all my cousin around me get married 
 last year
This year
And it comes to my mind
*awww! so ridiculous thought,right?!*
you should think that i am sucha “ki Siao" or "Hiao Po"
wanna get marry in my age of 18 (Legal LAH weih)
(next year will be 19) honestly
or you may think that i am such an eager woman
desperate for love
bla bla bla
i am just sharing my feeling here
and i dont care what u guys blathering over there

i do think every girl maybe dream about their wedding day
wearing a gorgeous gown
holding your beloved one's hand
step in the church
its all so dreamy..

when you guys watching all those "love drama"
i bet you may imagine once to be the girl in the scene
and of coz you also wan a wedding/proposal like them

being proposed
being kissed in such wonderful way
being loved and pampered
get married in sucha romance way
or a funny way
it was just all my illustration

my future vision

i dont wanna fairy tales
or a love like Prince William and Kate
or a wedding of the century
 give me a ROMANTIC
and unforgettable wedding & proposal

My future husband, where are you leh???
Come and Marry me LEH!!!


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