Friday, July 26, 2013

A party where Girls got themself Pampered! #1

Sorry for not keeping my blog update that frequent, I am just completely recovered from my sickness yesterday.

And Hey! I am sure you guys are pretty excited with this post because it's all about the amazing Spa Partayyyy!!! A big hug and kisses to all the fantastic collaborators for making this Spa Party a huge success!

Besides those pampered treats (will be in the next post), there's a mini fashion show by PinkNProper! Selected bloggers featured the latest collection of PinknProper and rocked the runway as well! So lucky, I am one of them, TeeHee.

Here's a short description of PinknProper, 
Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to The Spa Party!
A big thanks to The Butterfly Project for always having those awesome project for all the butterflies/bloggers to meet up, I got to know more new blogger friends now! I was really happy because I am no longer alone when I am going to attend other events!
Thanks Posh! Nail Spa for providing us such a comfy environment and Tres Chic Party Planner for the fantastic party decoration!

Before the showcase started, all the bloggers (audience) got their camera set up while all the models were busy camwhoring behind hehe! Photos behind the scene!

A selfie of me with my pinkish bath robe from Cotton On.

Oh yeah, since it's a spa party, our dress code is bathrobe! For sure, we have a best dressed competition!
 With cute choulyin, actually I already got to know her during the Eve Lom event.
With Chency and Jennifer from Jennifer Furfer.
 Angeline from averageangeline, Sarah from smallnhot, Chency and Jennifer.
 Both of them HOT huh? OMG, I feel so degrade la, standing beside them :(
 With Audrey, she is a food blogger, but she looks more towards a beauty blogger lol
With Alice from Oh-Alicewonderland!
(PC to Jennifer)
A group shot before the showcase started!

So, here's the PinknProper Spring/Summer Collection 2013 that is available now and some of the upcoming Prom Autumn/Winter Collection, check here for more collections!
 (PC to Isabel)

Haha! I just found my face look so funny at the photo above LMAO. 
A group shot of all the models and Vivian from PinknProper!
(PC to Sarah)

Here's some photos after the showcase! Girls having fun with the props from Fotobox!

Girls with bath robe on! It's actually a disguise for us before the showcase. The color of my bath robe match the dress so well LOL

End up this post with my "macam yes" photo captured by Tammy LOL. Stay tune with part 2 for more drooling photos :p
To be honest, I was really nervous when I was walking on the runway but I can feel the thrill and excitement within. It's a great experience because I have never think of walking on the runway, like a model? I know you guys may laugh on me, but I really enjoy that although it's a mini one. I am not a hot model with outstanding face or even gorgeous body figure, but I always imagine if I am the one, because I know for this lifetime, I am born to be Amelie, the petite one and I will never be one of the hot models rocking the fashion runway. Yet, I did in this Spa Party, for once and the first in my life.

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