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EVE LOM Ultimate Cleansing Ritual Workshop

EVE LOM, one of the world's leading facial therapists which highly acknowledged as an authority in prestige skincare, believes in simple, effective and beautiful skincare, with a core philosophy of perfectly deep cleansed, exfoliated skin as the key to a glowing complexion. Due to pollutions and some internal factors in our body, cleansing is absolutely essential to keep our faces away from dirt and clean.

Acclaimed as "probably the BEST cleanser in the world" by Vogue, the pioneering, cult cleansing balm  was created over 25 years by Eve Lom. The cleanser, followed by other items in the range, continue to win prestigious beauty awards.
In this workshop, we were exposed to EVE LOM range, consisting of cleansers, masks, serums, moisturizers and various skin treatment products.Also, the important and correct ways/steps to cleanse our face.
Here's my partner of the day, Chency! We both reached kinda early, so as usual, camho hehe :D

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Well, this is Mariesa Ferraro, an International Skincare Expert & Trainer from Eve Lom. She was going to guide us all the way in the workshop with demonstration on model's face.
In the workshop, Mariesa guided us with the 7 Step Facial Massage so that we can achieve the best result when using EVE LOM skin care products. These are the correct steps.

By following these unique 7-steps Facial technique twice a week (nighty routine), it can improve blood circulation, muscle tone, lymphatic drainage and eliminate toxins so that we can achieve a beautiful and radiant complexion.
Follow steps 1 to 7, if your skin's tired, sallow or you suffer from blocked pores/puffiness.
Follow movement 7 and apply cleanser every night, if your complexion is clear.

Besides, we have some hands on experience! Trying all the Eve Lom skincare range and get to know more about Eve Lom products while having fun!
The essential-first step of cleansing using Eve Lom Cleanser which consist of clove oil (encourage clear skin), eucalyptus oil (drain away toxins), hop oils (tones), Egyptian chamomile oil (soften) and cocoa butter (condition).

 After cleansing, we tried Eve Lom Rescue Mask on the spot! It's a clay-based mask which consist of camphor (decongest), almond extract (reduce redness), Kaolin (absorb excess oil), ground almond (exfoliate), honey and glycerine (condition). Perfect weekly spring clean and emergency treatment for stressed-out skin!
Besides, we did try on Kiss Mix, it's a first aid for sore and chapped lips with UV protection! Look at my lips, it's fully moisturized after applying Kiss Mix, so shiny! It consist of Zinc Oxide (comfort and natural sunscreen),  menthol (cool and freshen).

After the Rescue Mask, we tried on intense skin boost- Moisture Mask! Personally, it's my favorite among all! You can see the instant effect after using it, superb! It consist of advanced moisture complex (restore moisture levels and improving the skin’s barrier integrity), aqua complex ( increase moisture), Sodium Hyaluronate (promotes long-lasting hydration) and Vitamin E (protect skin from environmental damage).

In the meantime, we tried on Cuticle Cream, it can keep our cuticle in peak condition and encourage healthy nail growth. It consist of almond oil and chamomile (soothe and heal), yarrow oil (soften and smoothen), beeswax (moisture, seal and protect). 
 Although I am not that old, but I tried on Eye Lift as well for prevention haha! It's a powerful triple action, anti wrinkle eye cream, designed for immediate lift, firm and smooth effect. It consist of retinol (lift and firm), soy isoflavones (reduce lines), oat kernel extract (lift) and vitamin C (brighter skin tone).

Of course Serum part shouldn't be left out! This is Intense Hydration Serum, since my skin was damn thirsty! It consist of Hyaluron which stores moisture in skin by forming structures holding up to 99% water and increase skin hydration!
Followed by TLC Radiance Cream, a lightweight daily moisture to restore youthful, radiance and hydrated skin! It consist of Arctic Raspberry seed oil (antioxidant), rosehip seed oil (free radicals protection and restore elasticity), oat kernel extract and sepilift (immediate lifting and smoothen fine lines).

After completing all the cleansing steps, I feel my skin become more bouncy and refreshing! All the products ain't sticky and they do have instant effects on my face! They are really good products, yet they are kinda pricey and I can't afford to purchase them :( But so far, the workshop was great as I have so much fun!
Last photo of me with my twinnie!

For more information, visit their official page and official website.
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