Sunday, July 7, 2013

Am using Casio tr150

First post on July.
Happy July readers!
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I have always received messages from photographer by asking me to join their photo shoot on Facebook.
Not being a makeup artist instead being a model for them for fashion shoot.

I really appreciate all these and I was really happy because they used to see me as a model
But then I was like, OMG in my heart.
They don't really know that in facts, I'm just 150cm and looking quite petite.
Check *about me* then you will know more about me .

But do you wonder what makes them feel that I "look like a model?"
Well, so obvious it's PHOTO !

Maybe the make-up plays a really big role?
Maybe I don't really show up my height in photos?
Maybe I am good in finding the best angle?
Maybe my not-too-bad face yet photogenic?
*This is a non-edit photo but captured with Casio tr150!*
Looking flawless??

alright but mostly Casio Exilim tr150 do!
Yeah babe, I am using this ultimate self-portrait camera.
(PC to google)

With it's fabulous 12 levels of makeup mode , it makes our skin always stay in perfect condition! Fair and smooth!
*Ok, my skin condition is really terrible in real with all blackheads and pimples*

It did save a lot of my Photoshop job as well lol
As you guys know, most of the bloggers need to snap like 1K of photos in an event, picking 500 perfect shots and selecting 10 photos only for blogging after edition! How tough!
Casio tr150 makes my life fast and easier!

Next, the flip mode!

With it's flip mode, we can rotate the camera in any position, standing, lying horizontally/ vertically and even hanging it on something! Anything freestyle.
Using this mode, we can snap photo of us in any angle effortlessly.
Casio tr150 knows all ours best angle!
(PC to google)
Besides, It has very wide angle!
Seeeeeee! So many faces can squeeze in a shot !
It is really a good helper in snapping group selca!
No worry if you have biggie face , the wide angle is enough to squeeze your face in .xp

Last but not least, the motion shutter!
Haha, many of you thought that I always asked people to take photos of me for #OOTDon instagram.
In facts, Casio tr150 motion shutter did!
They are all self-shot and even the header for my blog!
Need not any photographer but you can snap your own amazing portrait by using Casio tr150.

Stop asking me what camera that I am using haha!
And it's not a smart phone, it's a camera dude :)


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