Monday, July 15, 2013

Oink Oink Party at Mediteca Wine Tapas KL

---------------------------  Warning! A porkalicious post  ---------------------------

Thanks Fish for the invitation and I got to join the pork launch party at Mediteca Wine Tapas KL.

With the dim lighted atmosphere and modern rustic interior, it's a great place for friends to chill at and a cozy dining place with parents, comfortable and relax. The menu is uniquely inspired by the Mediterranean Wine Bar and the Italian Enoteca.

Kindly remind here, it's a NON-HALAL restaurant. 

Partner of the day? Still Chency? Hehe, nope, too bad that bitch went to another event.
Here's Carmen, my primary school mate and now my best friend.
Mediteca has just introduced pork dishes to their menu on June. In this new menu, there will be a monthly themed set as promotional special dishes inspired by dishes from Italy, France, Spain and more.

This new menu is designed by Mediteca's chef owner, Riccardo Ferracotti. He has more than 10 years experience on culinary management and opened few restaurants in other countries. He was serving the customers with his fine cut. There are salami, lonzino, pancetta, prosciutto and few toppings to be served. The fineness and saltiness of the cuts were just nice.
Oxtail Ravioli
, the combination of pork meat and sauce was great! It reminds me of Dumpling.

Suckling Pig, it's kinda taste like Chinese roasted pork with crunchy skin. But, too much fats on it, feel quite greasy after eating eat.

Homemade Grissini & Foccacia, it's bread served with Lodigiano cheese, personally I love this yet my friend said it tasted weird haha!
Chicken Wing on Lard, it's actually chicken wing wrapped with bacon. You will definitely love it if you are a bacon-lover.

Hummus on Toast, a great appetizer. It's not too creamy and the toast is crusty as well.

Dessert time that we have waited for long.
Strawberry Splashy, it's a appetizing dessert served with mashed strawberry and croutons, slightly sweeten as the strawberry spread all over your mouth. The taste of mint makes the dessert light and refreshing.
Churros, with cinnamon, fine sugar and chocolate syrup as toppings. It's just nice and I love how it taste! Not too sweet and it's crispy from the outside, yet soft in-side.
Actually I am not a big fan of piggy food, I am pretty sure my face enough to tell you that I "look" like chinese, and I don't fancy any Mediterranean styled dishes. But this is a good experience for you guys to try out these new dishes! I enjoyed the dining experience there. 
It's a bit messy/ unorganized during the party as there's some food that we didn't try at all, because we were seated at behind. I do think it should be forgiven and the service of waiters/waitress should improve meanwhile.

For more information, check out Mediteca Wine Tapas KL

Mediteca Wine Tapas KL
Lot 163,
Fraser Place,
Jalan Perak,
50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

P/s:  It's my first food tasting experience so forgive me if I make any mistake, unclear explanation,
picture blurriness. I will improve myself in the future.

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