Saturday, July 27, 2013

Freezeeeeee @ Ice Factory

Hey guys! How the day or weather find you? It's pretty hot huh.
Nothing better to quench your thirst. And here's a new shop in the town, Ice Factory! I went there with my girl few weeks ago. I found out that the ice beverages/ light desserts there are lip-smacking!
It seems a must-choose place for teens to chill at as the price of the food and beverage are quite affordable, average price from RM6 to RM15.
Looking at the menu and they make me drool. Feel like trying all of them as it's hardly for me to resist those beautiful food.
All the drinks and desserts have a cute name LOL
Hereby, you can see it's 美國先生 (Mr.American) and 美國小姐 (Ms.American)
After browsing through the menu, although all the food are irresistible, yet we decided to try 熱帶風情(Freezing Tropical) and 我做你就吃佐水果沙拉(Garden of Eden) first.

 Freezing Tropical
Bountiful tropical fruits (watermelon, dragon fruits, honeydew, kiwi and strawberry) based with ice that coated with sweet honey! It's totally refreshing! Some of the ice ball with different flavor like strawberry, mango and more! Not too sweet and it can absolutely quench your thirst as the ice melt-in-your-mouth!
Garden of Eden
It's sandwiches (cheese slice, patty, cabbage and tomato) that come with bite-sized fruits and classic blueberry jam! They are all made-fresh! I feel it's kinda weird topping either the sandwiches or fruits in the blueberry jam, but maybe you found it different to you, who knows?!

If you are exactly a foodie, don't forget to check them out!
They are located at

B-16-01 (Sunway Giza)
Kota Damansara, Selangor 47810.


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