Wednesday, July 17, 2013

PluSizeKitten's Birthday in Benieplex!

Thanks to Tammy, owner of PluSizeKitten, and I got my first experience watching movie in Benieplex while celebrating PluSizeKitten's 5th blogaversary with other superheroes!
Since the movie that we were watching that day was Man Of Steel, so all of us were given dress code which was blue and red! There's even a best-dressed competition. So surprise that all the readers put a really big effort in their dressing part, some of them even bring a red cape with them OMG.
They were not only watching superman, they were already a superman itself indeed wtf.

Here's PluSizeKitten's Super Birthday! First expression when I saw this as I headed to Benieplex entrance. "Pow" "Wow"

As we seen, Ask Joey did a really great job in this themed party on decorations and table set up. It's superb awesome right?

So these were all the sweet treats!

 Man of Steel's cake and the power fruits for us kick off to start early in the morning! Stay energized!
 The choco creamy cupcakes!

After snapping enough photos and selca out there, we dragged our self into the "benie room"! The beanbags are so much huge compare to what I've expected! Tho the cinema hall was small but it can still squeezed in with 20 double beanbags (40 pax) and most importantly it's cozy!
Can't wait to try out the beanbag! Feel super comfortable lying on them! See!!! You can do any posture that you love on the beanbag!
As promise, I have posted this picture out, a lot of "bean" patterns of me!
 Opps, forgot my partner! Chency! This girl so good that turned down another event and came with me! *sob*

To be honest, I am not a big fan on superhero-themed movie, but the storyline of Man of Steel was fantastic tho there's some exaggerate part lol! And I got to know why superman did not wear his underwear outside this time. In short, Henry is so darn HOT!
Rate : 4/5 stars

After the movie, it's cake cutting ceremony! Yay!

 Tammy chopped the cake into pieces after we finished singing birthday song!
 Jeng !Jeng! It's a rainbow cake! *nom nom* It's my first time seeing this rainbow cake in real, previously I just saw them on instagram =.=
After craving on the cake, I met a new friend, who is one of the best dressed winner! She is so creative that she make used of things! She simply bought a blue hairband and stick a "superman" logo on it, it has become a "superman hairband". Besides, she recycled the clothes,simple tuck in the superman T-shirt  using her red T-shirt, it has become a cape then!
 Feel myself so casual standing beside her lol.

Anyway, I really enjoyed my time there! In the beanieplex! Chilling with others! Don't forget to check out the new Benieplex @Tgv One Utama! You will find out that, they are amazing!

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