Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My 21st Lunar Birthday!

Well, I have a conflict with my mom, deciding when to have a tiny and simple 21st birthday celebration of mine.
We wondered whether we should celebrate it according to Chinese Lunar Calender or the usual calender.
At last, we came to a decision, celebrate according Chinese Lunar Calender!
My 21st Lunar Birthday!
*I am just officially 20 la this year*

Prepared some welcome gifts for all my beloved friends and relatives few days ago before my big day. They are all handmade and it represented my appreciation to them, sharing my big day.
It's actually a very simple lunch and mainly for gathering purposes, bond-to-bond.

All the photo props are handmade by me! Sourced out from Google! 
Everyone have one, no fighting :p
They seems loving the props so much.
This cute baby is the baby that my mom babysitted for, with her parents.
Her mom so kind somemore give me angpao, so paiseh.
They are all my lovely friends from ACA.
Joann, Pinky, Fish and Kelly.
I felt so warm-hearted when they came to my birthday celebration, because I have not much friends in real and most of them were busied with their own stuffs.
In the previous year, my friends seldom celebrate my birthday with me as it always fall on school holiday. :(
They were trying to knock my head with the red egg lol, as Kelly said it's a chinese tradition and a must do action to birthday girl. I wondered is it a revenge action LOL
 With my cousin, Chelqie :) She is my favorite cousin of all.
 With my naughty girl, Joann.
 With the cutest girl ever, Fish! Winner of Korea Pro Make Up Artist Search
 With Pinky, my make up guru! The bad girl always complain that I am talkative.
After snapping tons of photos, it's cake cutting ceremony! Jeng! Jeng!
It's kinda blur la, my brother not that pro in snapping photo one instead of selca.
Still pattern a lot before cutting the cake, nge nge.
Thanks for coming all my friends, I will remember every moment that we spent together.
Thanks for all the birthday gifts, I love them so much.

Time flies. So soon that I am already 20 this year. I still can't believe that I am this old. Until I started to recall the memories from my primary school life till now, that I have graduated from Form 6 and waiting for courses offered from Local University.
It seems that I have been through a lot of things in this ages. I have finished my pre-U life, got my professional make up certified, started to work as freelancer ,tuition teacher and my blogging life.
It's quite busy.
My life is no longer simple and happiness is not easy to achieve as we grow older. Things went complicated and we need to think a lot before taking any action or decision. Think of work, think of earning, think of life.
There's a lot of backstabbers, it's hard to get a true real friend out there.
For a balance buoyancy like a boat, we may get something, yet we may give up or lose something at the same time, because we will deserve something better lastly after reaching the shore.
But, I did appreciate my life now, I believe that everything happened and tiny memories created for a reason.
For once a life time.
They could be fate, they could be destiny. Just appreciate what you are having right now.

I hope I am still a young school girl, back to kindergarten school life.

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  1. Happy Birthday TO YOU ♥_♥ Happy Birthday To You ★_★ Happy Birthday Dear Amelie!!! ^^ Happy Birthday 2 U :) Have A Wonderful Day ;)


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