Saturday, May 3, 2014

2 hours Spa experience at Landscape Beauty Salon

I have always wanted to have a little relax moment for spa massage and thank god that HiShop has given me this great opportunity.
My body was totally exhausted which I need to sit straight and facing the laptop everyday as I need to deal with all the assignments and even blog with it.

I have visited Landscape beauty salon and have a full spa experience there. It's a 2 Hour Pampering Package with full body scrub(15min), steam care (30min), full body massage (60min) and herbal ball (15min).

The place is so comfortable and fully decorated with all the floral theme wallpapers. There're roses and lavender, I was like staying in the garden of heaven with all the blooming flowers!

--- Full Body Scrub ---
Here's the place where I have the full body scrub, on the bed! With dim lighting, it was totally relax-able and I wish to take a nap there badly haha! By the way, there's also a locker for us to place our stuffs.

It's my first time been to a spa treatment and went all naked in front of others LOL, kinda awkward though.

So this is Ah Ping, who's my 2 hours' accompany throughout the spa session.

The whole body scrub session was fully carried out with this so called 'scrub glove'. It's a rough surface cloth that used to remove impurities and dead skins on our epidermal layers along with the gel scrub. No worries, it doesn't hurt yet it's comfortable LOL. After scrubbing, I was assigned to have a shower session on my own =P

----- Steam care -----
After the shower, I was lead to a room for steam care. It's actually a wooden pail with a feet roller inside. Herbal pack will be placed inside the pail for further steaming function. Different herbal pack has different functions, for example detox, firming, beauty and etc.

Besides, I was served with a cup of ginger tea and I was told to drink it throughout the steaming session for better metabolism.

After 15 minutes, I was totally sweating like nobody cares. This steaming session actually helps to detox, improve our blood circulation and metabolism process.

You can see in the pail which partially filled with all my sweat LOL. There's 2 to 8 levels for the temperature control on the steam, depends on which level you can bear. No worries if you can't endure any heatness lol, try 2.

-- Full body massage and herbal balls --
After sweating for half and hour, I was lead to a room for full body massage and herbal balls sessions.

This was my favorite part LOL as there's full massage from head to toes using lavender pure oil. It's so pleasing and comfortable. For requirement on other kind of oils, extra charges are needed which are +RM10 for ginger oil and +RM20 slimming oil (with voucher).

During the massage on legs, the masseuse placed the heaty herbal balls on my back. It's so soothing! 

After all the massage, she rolled the herbal ball along my back and neck. damn syok. It's hard to express my feeling on how enjoyable I was throughout the treatments, you should try it so that you will know how I exactly felt!

OMG full thumbs up for all the services and Ah ping, she is so friendly and talkative like me teehee. I wasn't bore with her accompany. I would like to rate all these pamper sessions 4/5. It was a amazing experience.

Milkadeal is having a great deal for all of you on this spa treatment, instead of paying it with RM600, you can enjoy this at only RM68, check here now. By the way, there's also exclusive 5% for my readers by coding 'Landscape', valid till 31st of May only.

So here's the address if you would like to pay a visit,
Landscape Beauty Salon
10-1, Medan Putra Business Centre,
Jalan 4/62D, Bandar Sri Manjalara,
Kuala Lumpur 51200.
+603-6261 5296

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