Monday, May 26, 2014

Tokyo Love Soap Pure Girls

As a habit, I read blog during most of my leisure time and recently I have read quite a number of blog reviews, that telling me how amazing or fabulous Tokyo Love Soaps are, instant whitening effects and all, it's  even being featured on various kind of magazine and there are few celebrities/models that recommended Tokyo Love Soap. Well to be really honest, I have never used a soap in my life as I used only body shampoo.
Well, it's kinda hard for me to believe what I've read? But it's ok, lets find it out together then :D

It's always a happy thing receiving gift from others and unwrapping it! Thanks Natta Cosme again! They always surprise me with parcel and courier that knocking by my door step xD

------- Q&A -------

What is Tokyo Love Soap Pure Girls?
It's a soap originated from Japan which consist of natural and organic ingredients, giving us - girls perfect whitening and brightening effects, of course the rosy smell!

Why naming it 'Girl'?
With the unique scent of the soap, it mimics the natural female sex pheromone which can easily cause sexual attraction and desire of the human male species!

 ------- Packaging and Price-------
For the packaging of the box, it comes in a lovely pink color which is most of the girls' favorite color that symbolize cute, sweet, love and giving a sense of girlish.

Tokyo Love Soap Pure Girls (80g)  cost at RM148 , No!!! It's only RM85 on Natta Cosme. [Click here]

------- Scents and Ingredients-------
Tokyo Love Soap Pure Girls comes with delicate rosy scent which is really soothing and refreshing.

The main ingredients:
Pink Rose Petal Extract (giving a rosy scent and rosy glow)
Red Kwao Krua Extract (a natural Estrogenic Phenol clinically proven to minimize pores, smoothen skin)
Tricloasan and Glycyrrhizic Acid (24 hour protection from odor all over the body)

------- Review-------
I love that Tokyo Love Soap can be apply on both face and body. It really smooths and brighten my skin, leaving my skin with sophisticated rosy scent, with zero stickiness. Besides, it's a great use for problematic skin as it's fragrance-free and hypoallergenic.
Yet, the smell doesn't last long and the whitening effect is not that instant like what's written on those reviews that I've read.
Overall it's good and if you are asking for rating, I would definitely rate it 3/5 for the pleasant smell and instant smoothing effect.

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