Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Avon - Girls day out!

It's girls' day out! Nothing amazing unless you are spending a day with all the girls who shared the same interest around you, sharing fun  moment on skin care and also make up!

Thanks to Avon Malaysia and Ruby for the invitation so that I can attend this fantastic workshop at @Royale Chulan Damansara Hotel!

------------------- Skincare -------------------
In this workshop, all of us were introduced to Avon new range of products -- ANEW 360° White which launched earlier on May.

In this series, they are using exclusive 'Melanin Captivation Whitening' technology which works deep into our skin dermal layer, in result with long lasting whitening effects. As titled of 'ANEW 360 White', these range of products work 360 degree on our skin, suppressing the growth of Melanin layer by layer, giving us a whiter and radiant skin!

6 powerful Ingredients:
Zinc Peptamide, TDPA, Phytol, Carrot, Soybean, Kudzu Extract (resolve yellowness, redness, dullness and imperfections on skin)

Retail Price:
360 White Illuminating Cleanser (125g) | RM32.90 | RM37.85*
360 White Illuminating Toner (100ml) | RM36.90 | RM42.45*
360 White Day Cream SPF20/PA++ (30g) | RM63.90 | RM73.50*
360 White Night Cream (30g) | RM63.90 | RM73.50*
360 White Ultra UV Shield SPA50/PA++ (30g) | RM55.90 | RM64.30*
360 White Intensive Serum | RM89.90 | RM130.40*

[Note: *In Sabah & Sarawak]

What's so special in these range of products?
The ANEW 360 White dual trearment mask which is a 2-step masks (full face / de-spot) with intensive whitening ingredients to get rid of spots on full face and also cheek! It comes with a box which consist two types of masks, 5 pieces for each side, 10 pieces in total!

To have some hands on activities on the products, all of us came barefaced. This was how I looked like a dead fist wtf.

So all of us started off with masking up our hair and got on with basic skincare steps!

First of all, we cleansed our face, then carried on with toning. After toning, we were asked to put on the mask! Followed by moisturizing and of course never miss out any daily UV protection step!

------------------- Make up -------------------

Haha I have to say, this was my favorite and most anticipating session! You see, full sets of products which letting us to try on!

In 'Over Nature Makeup Palette', it comes with two exclusive palette : Ocean Flower (day use) and Garden Voyage (night use). These palettes come with both complementary eye shadow and blush set, featuring vivid colors of cheeks and eyes.

Besides, Avon presents you Ultra Color Rich Over Nature Lipstick which comes with 8 blooming shades: Romantic Peony, Tropical Coral, Pink Lily, Tender Tulip, Rose Blossom, Cherry Berry, Wild Rose and Extatique Hibiscus !

In this make up session, we were guided by a friendly yet famous Makeup Artist, Mr. Najeeb! We definitely have a lots of laughter with him around!

Even though I am a make up artist, doesn't mean that I can't learn from any other make up artist. Never stop learning because everyone has their own strength and of course discovers anything around you!

So, I was doing my make up, like seriously. I never acknowledged that I have funny expression when ever I am putting on make up or even putting on for others until I saw some of the candid shots lol. #PatternALots

Jang Jang! Here's the result after skincare and make up! Look lively right compare to the first shocking picture LOL. I love this lipstick so much, it's so moisture and the color is so radiant! (Using Avon Tropical Coral in picture) Beside lipstick, I found that the coverage effect of Avon foundation was amazing as I can even cover my dark circle using foundation only!

[Tips: Cover your lips with your compact powder before applying any lip stick so that the lip stick can last longer and of course the perfect color can be shown out! ]

After make up, selfie is a must!

------------------- BTS -------------------
A picture with new blogger friend, Nannie. I really love attending event, because I made lotsa friends!

A lovely picture with Mr.Najeeb! He told me that he loves my hair very much teehee xD

Last but not least, my #OOTD for that day.

End up this post with our group shot, looking cute huh =P 

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