Saturday, May 31, 2014

Lip Lover, All-in-One Lip Perfector by Lancôme

I still remember that during my secondary school time, one of my close friend used to bring lip balm along to school and apply it time to time. So, she has a really bouncy lips without any lines on it, looking silky smooth.Yet, I still have no idea why should we use lip balm and I didn't own a single one.

After the age of 18, I have started to apply lip gloss or lipstick as there's more occasional and errand to bump into. Lip gloss for daily casual look while lipstick for night occasions, but sometimes both. I was told by my aunt that putting on lipstick is a basic manners that we should implement. For workers, they can neglect any eye or face makeup, yet lips they can't.

Till then I realized the importance of lip balm, it can be a treatment for lips where it keeps our lips moist, reduce lip lines and relieve them from chapping, dry and when we are in cold room. I used to apply lip balm before applying any lipstick, you can see the instant effect of lip balm, getting our lips moisturized and fine without any crack of lipsticks on the lips.

Guess it's somehow troublesome in applying lip balm, lip stick and lip gloss especially when we are in a rush. But now, there's something that can get troubles solved and it's a sneak peak for Lancôme's Lip Lover which will be sold on every Lancôme counter starting on the1st of June!

----- The Pre Launch -----
Recently, Lancôme has unveils an amazing In Love range, namely Lip Lover, the All-in-One Lip Perfector. Lip Lover is just a great transformation that everyone has been waiting for, followed by Rouge In Love (ultra-additive versatile lipstick) , Gloss In Love (light-catcher lip gloss) and Baume In Love (Subtle moisturizing balm). 

With all of her irresistible unique charm and freshness, actress Lily Collins is head over heels for Lip Lover, captured through the lens of Sølve Sundsbø.

Duing the pre launch, Lancôme revamps the emblematic color of femininity with its specially created 18 lip shades in the In Love range. In Love range was classified into 3 different categories which are Rosemantic, AmouRose and GlamouRose.

------ Rosemantic ------

In Rosemantic, it comes out with a series of colors from pink nude to woody roses, which symbolize the sweet and fresh look, just like the delicate pink roses!

Here's are the swatches on Rosemantic:
313 Rose Ballet
314 Casse-Noisette
316 Rose Attrape(Star Shade)

318 Abricot Tango
320 Ambre Arabesque
321 Rose Contre-temps

------ AmouRose ------
In AmouRose, the colors are more alike to pop and joyful roses, from tangy pink to fruity corals. Well create a chic look for date!
Here are the swatches on AmouRose:
333 Rose des Nymphes
334 Corail Cabriole
336 Orange Manège
337 Lip Lover (Star Shade, shade which Lily Collins wearing)
338 Rose des Cygnes
339 Fuschia Attitude

 ------ GlamouRose------

In Glamourose, the color are more intense, from fuchsias to purple, like the sexy and dark roses which offer a daring twist look.

Here's the swatches on GlamouRose:
351 Pas de Prune
353 Rose Gracieuse
355 Framboise Étoile(Star Shade)

356 Belle de Rouge
357 Bouquet Final
362 Bordeaux Tempo

----- The Design and Packaging -----

Unlike the usual lip gloss which we found on store in twisting function, Lip Lover will pop out easily with one click. With the pop out design, it can prevent leakage and much convenient for application. For instance, when we want to apply Lip Lover while driving, there's no twisting job needed, making our life easier!

The applicator it self are in elongated arrow shape, curved profile and supple material, precisely hug lips' shape to better envelop them in flawless color and even shine. With the unique shape, all it take is a stroke from one corner to the other while the perfect arrow tip can be used for sharp corners and define the contours. For a boosted volume, dab a lighter shade over the center of lips!

--- What so special? ---

Lip Lover is a 3- in-one lip gloss which consist of hybrid formula and function perfectly like lip balm, lipstick and lip gloss!

Lip Lover infused with lip stick pigments where the shades gently melt into the intensity of lips' natural color. Deep color, without even feathering.

With the 'made-to-measure', subtle and re-plumping shine, Lip Lover built up and intensify layer by layer. The formula of ultra-shiny, non-sticky silicone-infused oil allow for a glide-on texture that smoothes out any irregularities on application. Meanwhile, the shiny film remains on the surface, protecting the colors and perfects it with a mirror-finish effect.

Lip care
Lip lover enriched emollient and moisturizing agent which can keep our lips nourish and moisture up to 8 hours, leaving our lips in soft and comfort.

This was how my lips look like after the make over, clearly seen that it's much moisturized and bouncy, with vibrant light fuchsia! After 1 and half hour, the color slight changed to much natural lip color, yet it still looking juicy! I have really dry and cracked lips, I found that Lip Lover works really well with its lip care function, and I was totally amazed by its glossiness that last really long yet with zero-stickiness on my lips.

One of a kind, Lip Lover is definitely an essential products which suit any lips and any occasions. Color, shine and care all in one! All your lips need is love!
Lip Lover will be available at Lancôme counter start from 1st of June, price at RM75.
End up this post with our selfie after a great make over!



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