Monday, May 5, 2014

Don't stop the party @Prodigy KL

I guess I was named as a clubber lately LOL and I have exam on the next week.
But who cares, I still have fun with my people, right at Prodigy KL, best destination of night life! This visit was a lots fun than the launch with more people and drinks haha!
Lets snap back the atmosphere that night!

Still, it's located nearby Pavilion KL and if you have read my previous post, it has replaced Butter Factory.

It was actually a tiny gathering for us, the bloggers haha with swank and some in da house!Don't forget to catch up Swank and some every Saturday night! The Project (VDJ 'X' MARC & Dj Edz) playing you the best music!

And....I was allowed to bring plus one that night! Thanks for accompanying!


A huge thanks to Manoah and Prodigy, we got our self a table and a bottle of Vodka for the night! It was really a blasting night, with heart-pumping beats and awesome DJs!

I'm not drunk I swear, I'm just trying to have more fun and acting silly in front of the camera haha!

So, as usual I have met new friend again, Mr.Samuel, he's really a good dancer =D

Then, we have Samantha here! Such a gorgeous feature! Have so much fun talking to her, she's is so nice and friendly.

Prodigy KL, definitely the best place to de-stress haha! What else, chattering, dancing around with music and drinks that boost your adrenaline!

Admission fee on every Saturday night, RM48 | Man (+1 drink) and RM38 | Woman (+ 1 drink).

For more, visit
Prodigy KL

1, Jalan Kia Peng,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
+603-2141 9998
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