Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Baking fun with my Mom and Mary Quant!

It's Mother's Day in few more days, a celebration of all the mothers around the world, gratefully and joyfully. A mother ain't a birth-giving machine, yet she raises us up with the greatest love of all. Maybe some of you may not acknowledge, but recall back, who taught you the first walk, who taught you to read the first word, who gave you the first satisfaction smile on your birth? Who else, but your mom.

My dad wasn't here, no more. I really appreciate to have my mom here, what my mom have done for us in these years which is toilsome, playing a role of a mother and also a father. I couldn't say that it's the best life compare to the others out there, but definitely better among the best, because it's all that she can give us in her most effort. A life which I need not to worry, worry about food, school fees, place to live and all.

A big thanks to Mary Quant and Manoah for giving us this great opportunity, an excellent bonding moment for me and my mom. It's a fantastic mother's day celebration with the others Mom as well.

Again with my 'twinnie', all the people said so LOL, Chency!

Of course never missed out our Mommy. We have here, Chency's Mom , Chency, Me, my Mom and a baby LOL in a group for this baking session!

Here's the place we have our baking session, At 19 Culinary Studio, Damansara Heights!

What a lovely place, so heart-warming!

It's actually our virgin baking attempt haha. But no worries, there's a guru to guide us for the whole session, Ms. Suraiya!

Attached with a cookies baking recipe (credit to thechency.com) :
• High Ratio Flour (250g)
• Unsalted Butter (50g)
• Salt (3g)
• Icing Sugar (100g)
• Baking Powder (5g)
• Whipping Cream (15g)
• Vanilla Essence (3g)

1) Cream butter together with salt and icing sugar on high speed about 10 minutes until fluffy.
2) Combines baking powder into high ratio flour and stiff them together into a bowl.
3) Add vanilla essence into whipping cream.
4) Pre-heat your oven to 365°C.
5) Wait until No.1 becomes fluffy, add No.2 and No.3 little by little then mix well continuously.
*Do not over mixing. Stop mixing when No.2 and No.3 have cooperated.
6) Take out the dough and roll it into 1/2 inch of thickness, shape it and bake it for 15 minutes.
7) After 15 mins, take out from oven and let it cool completely.
8) Decorates the cookies with butter cream for better presentation.
9) Viola! You're done!

I have to be honest haha! Both our mummies worked harder compare to me and Chency LOL, we were too busy snapping pictures xD
Busy playing with the props as well? Teeheee =P No lah, I was helping to fluffy the cream.

Rolling the dough with my mom.
Shaping the dough and later on we have a cookies decoration contest!
Tadaaa, we were sending in the well shaped dough into the owen. While waiting the cookies to be fully baked in the owen, we were lead to a room for a mini workshop on Mary Quant's products!

 We have Ms. Takaki here all the way from Japan to demonstrate and share some make up tips using Mary Quant's products!


After the demo, the cookies were half-way done, left with the most creative and adorable clothes haha!
All of us were instructed to doll up our cookies!
So, here my creations for my 'gingerbread-sweet-lady' and 'the sexiest flower in da world' !

 Our lovely couple bunnies! ( Left: Chency and Right: Me)

End up with a group shot with all the ladies!

My mom and I have so much fun with all the ladies there! We have never ever baked like over my 20 years haha! Finally, we did. It's our virgin baking experience. What else, sharing the most amazing moment with your mom in the kitchen?
At last, Happy Mother's Day!

For more details, visit Mary Quant on FB.

p/s: Some pictures credit to my babe, Chency.


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