Friday, May 9, 2014

My growth #1 - Define friend.

Guess I'm going to start up with a label called #mygrowth in my blog. A post which is much personal and expressive. Nothing offensive but sharing my thoughts and a growing process of mine.

I don't know if I'm way too sentimental, I can be easily having mood sway watching a drama/movie, talking to someone or reading a quote on Instagram. Everything around can be an inspiration for me to think more or to think 'maturely'.  I just want to jot down everything's that inspired me or my own true feeling and find how childish or stupid was I when I look back all these.

So, today I've paid a visit to my Form 6 school. Meeting all the familiar faces and of course I have brought some snack there, like what we did during our Form 6 time, having an absolute 'Jamuan' in the teachers' staff room teehee. I used to talk to the teachers because they have exposed to more and of course they are no doubt but an expert in life.

Things still looking different huh after 2 years. Instead of going back with my friends, I'm now alone, like an ostrich who's hiding its head in the hole. I don't know if I'm finding a way out so that I can feel better. I guess I used to take advantage of my friends? Maybe not. But if yes, lets see.

Tell me what defines friends?
In a general way, we have the definition of 'friends' from
Still, there's a definition of friend which is a person who gives assistance. Well, when friend is giving us assistance in terms of money, studies, car pool or etc and we accept it, isn't we taking advantage of our friend?

When we are bored, we text and chat with our friend. No more bored. Isn't we taking advantage of our friend as a accompany so that we won't feel bored? Will you text your friend when you are busy or being with your girlfriend/boyfriend or when you are chilling with the other friends? Definitely NO. Most of the time we text our friend, when we are bored, when we need a accompany for movie/shopping, when we need some assistance in studies or when we are down, we need some advise or mental support. Still, we're taking advantage of our friend.

Asking your friend out for a mini gathering or bonding session when you are free. Still, it happens when you are free.

Working in a group assignment, you need your friend again. You need your friend so that you can form a group and you need someone who you are familiar with to get things done easily.

Asking your friend out for lunch. You don't wanna eat alone.

Asking for a carpool, still either you don't wanna drive or you're lazy to drive or you don't wanna go somewhere alone.

Asking your friend to do a study group before finals, you don't wanna study alone and learn things dull-fully.

Ahh...if we can define friend as a person who we can lean on and of course take advantage of. Maybe you didn't acknowledge and you are really treating your friend as a friend, somehow maybe you are still taking advantage of them?

Tell me now who don't take advantage of your friend? It's nothing about being realistic or what, but it's a mutual relationship like Rhizobia bacteria and leguminous plants which used to benefit both parts, with a giver and receiver.


  1. sometime i feel i'm the bad friends to my bff huhu

    1. Haha, just wanna share some of my thoughts because I have been thru this, my friends said that I took advantage on them, but why dont they think the other way out, aren't they taking advantage of me as well ? :D

  2. I seldom see you writing such personal post and I'm glad u did because I enjoyed reading. What you said is really true and made me to think more on the definition of friendship.

    1. Haha glad that you love reading it, i really appreciate that :D I will write more personal posts haha. Perhaps it doesnt sound any offense to my reader xD Haha yea, it's actually just a mutual relationship, with taking advantage of each other . haha

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